Create Your Own Haven

Combine a selection of old and new or start afresh. Together we will discover a style for you and create a home you will love. 

Investment Home Ready

Help your investment property attract the best tenants.  A house that will suit any style and furnishings and a home that people will treat as their own and want to stay. Furnished or unfurnished, we know what tenants want.

Styles For All

Style, colours, furnishings and textiles.

We specialise in creating a beautiful home that will be admired and loved at any budget.

More about what we do


We love meeting new clients and look forward to working with you to create a home you will adore. 

We offer a selection of services including but not limited to: 

🔸 Interior and exterior colour selection 

🔸 Interior finishes
🔸 Product selection and sourcing 

🔸 Art selection and sourcing
🔸 Antique selection and sourcing 

🔸 Kitchen and bathroom styling 

🔸 Styling for photo shoot 

The team at Lit Interior Co. come with a wealth of experience to make your styling dreams reality. Heres what we do for you....

We bring your vision to life! 

Have the dream but don't know where to start? Don't have a vision and actually just need someone to just make it happen? We are ready when you are!

We will save you lots of money!  
We've already got the contacts, proven experience and we know how to get the job done in the timeliest and most professional manner without the need for a second mortgage.  We  have access to some of the best furniture wholesalers in Australia, ensuring that you wont pay RRP for any new items we source! 

We save you lots of time (your sanity, and possibly your relationship!)
You can loose so much time and motivation having to start from scratch with research.  Let us streamline the process and get it happening sooner! 

We create amazing spaces!
Not only amazing, but practical workable and stunning spaces that you will want to live in. 

We bring new ideas... 

But we are NOT pushy! We may have ideas that you might not have thought of, we love to bounce ideas around, put together vision boards and help bring it all to life. 

We tailor packages to suit each client with prices starting from as little as $250. 

Services brochure

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